We have the expertise, the knowledge, the skills, the experience, blah-blahand a rather whacky sense of humor that gets us through the business day.

  • We listen to what you want, and then we ask questions (it makes us look intelligent)
  • We make suitable recommendations (without being condescending)
  • We are helpful (without being bolshy)
  • We don’t charge an arm and a leg and we are always prepared to talk if you have a budget

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Nikola Dimev

Spending his 28 hour workday as tech wizard at blogdesignstudio.com, Nik is the main chainlink, through whom the whole team energy flows.  With his wide area of knowledge every problem is nailed with ease.  His connection with the electronic devices is beyond the understanding of a mere mortal. As the knowledge needs to be transferred to others, he uses his spare time as master of students in the tech school of “Alexandria” – Skopje. After work hours, he spends the rest with his family – a wife and a young padawan :)

Mayank Gupta

mayankphixrBooks were something that Mayank never used to like but no one knows when, where and how he felt in love with writing. He started with his personal blog and then carried on to start more blogs around web technology which remains his passion. A firm believer in the future potential of blogging and wordpress, he continues as a writer in web advancements. You can read his scribbles at www.reviewsaurus.com and http://twitter.com/mayank/

Rajat Bhadani

RajatBhadani4Traveling around the world while working in Sales, Marketing & Business Development in relation to IKEA in Newcastle, ADT Security in London, Orange & ’3′ Mobile in Melbourne and Cellcity in Singapore, Rajat has now finally settled in Macedonia. He was always been intrigued by the power of internet while he was a teenager – used to be a freelance graphic designer in his college time – then while in jobs, he daily used to spend hours online doing stuff like networking, reading about technology, blogging, etc. – few years back he started picking up small web design related projects and outsourced them – and finally got full time into one of his passions along with his friends here in Skopje.

Andrea Gorgeski

Allround player of the team, he finds enjoyment in what he does whether it’s code, design or other aspects outside his regular life pattern. When not putting “dollar” signs in his favorite IDE, he is creating the next big thing in visual esthetics [at least he hopes so :) Assembling the world around him into bits with his Canon; music as his inspiration; love as his muse; Life as his movie.

Igor Dimev

Igor is our web design guru with vast designing experience of wide range of websites and blogs, from standard corporate web sites to most personal artistic ones. He spends most of his creative moments juggling between cool webdesign and 3D Studio Max which is his “first love”.

Vlatko Dimov

Not your average superhero, he is always there in when you need him – at least his alter ego “Mr. Exact”. His proficent knowledge in high range of tech areas numbs other people around him. When he’s not doing code, he enjoys his regular human abilities, like taking his SPECIALIZED bike for a ride around his hometown of St. Nikole, using his kitchen for experimenting with his collection of cookbooks, even participating in ecology movements… his morning mantra – “Happy Coding” :)

Oliver Efremov

OljaverThe design mastero at Blog Design Studio. Most of Oliver’s day runs on Photoshop, WordPress, CSS and last but not the least – music in all kinds of it as long as it is good =). He loves his work and when there is not much of it then wanders away for picnics around the hills of Macedonia. Connect with him at www.soundcloud.com/ethericloopz

Bojan Josifoski

At the age of 7, Bojan first met with the computer. As of that moment he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He first started as a web designer, mastering the Photoshop, HTML and CSS; but that not being enough he has dedicated himself to master the front end web technology.

Igor Efremov

Igor spends most of his time with CSS, WordPress and trying to learn something useful everyday and sometimes write it on this blog too. He truly enjoys exploiting the internet and many of the opportunities it offers.