One of the core reason for the popularity of WordPress is the community around it. There are thousands of fans and supporters who have created free wordpress themes, free wordpress plugins and most importantly thousands of tutorials, documentations to make it simpler for you to understand and use WordPress! A simple search will ensure that you’d get answer to most of you problems, so we though of listing the best resources about WordPress for you – don’t forget to subscribe them in your feed reader!

Official Channel for news & updates about WordPress

1. WordPress Development blog – Official blog about the latest development happening around WordPress open-source application.
2. Latest news about WordPress.com – Official blog about the latest happenings around WordPress.com (i.e. the hosted service).
3. Planet WordPress – An aggregator of some of the handpicked blogs by the Automattic team. It aggregates posts from various blogs owned by Automattic, core WordPress developers and some community blogs.

Blogs from WordPress community

1. Weblog Tools Collection


A multi-author blog that has been delivering high quality content from long time now. The focus of the blog is to talk about tools that help bloggers in running their blogs. It mostly covers plugins, themes and tools related to WordPress since WordPress has become the synonym for “best blogging software”.

2. Pro Blog Design


Another multi-author blog that has been getting extremely popular and has a thriving community around itself. This blog publishes lots of WordPress related articles. Although, its just not about WordPress. This blog also tells you that how you can design a better blog yourself. There are various resourceful posts that ensure that you will always pointed to the best of the best stuff!

3. Cats Who Code


A blog by Jean-Baptiste Jung that features super quality posts every now and then. Blog’s primary focus is web development, however it features posts on WordPress more than often. The blog is so good that it is part of Smashing Network and I’m sure a quick look by you at the content quality will convince you to include it in your feed reader. You may also want to follow WP Recipes, a WordPress focused blog by the same person.

4. WPHacks


Unfortunately, this blog hasn’t been updated since December 2010. However, it has got some of the best WordPress hacks that you’d ever come across. We even designed and customized this WordPress based blog with Kyle Eslick, owner of WPHacks. In simple words, WPHacks’ archive is a true gold mine when it comes to WordPress.

5. WPscoop & WPVote.


WPscoop & WPVote are digg like services for WordPress related stuff. If you have a blog that is about WordPress or if you have written a tutorial, hack or a post related to WordPress then feel free to submit the links to these niche bookmarking services. This will not only help generate traffic for your blog but they also act as a great resource to find out what all you can achieve with WordPress.

6. WP Beginner.


WP Beginner is one of my favorite blogs when it comes to WordPress. Its constantly updated and has been truly focused on making WordPress easy for the beginners to adopt. The guides in the blog are very simple to understand and have been written to ensure that even the new users won’t find it difficult to follow the instructions.

7. WP Tavern.


We’ve already featured a great interview by Jeff Chandler, WordPress Guru behind WPTavern. Even though, we’ve listed this as 7th blog in this list, I’m sure if you’d ask from any WordPress lover – they’d easily place this blog as number one resource at the moment. Jeff ensures that you get all the scoop and information around WordPress on this blog and thats why it becomes one of our favorite destination as well.

8. WP Engineer.


WPEngineer is yet another blog that rocks. It features pretty neat articles on how to customize WordPress according to the way you want. This blog will definitely be liked by budding developers as the posts are focused towards editing themes. So if you have a brave heart and love to play around with tech stuff, then you’d surely fall in love with this blog.

If by any chance you think we’ve missed a worthy blog on the topic of WordPress – please let us know about it and we’d happy to include it in this list. If you liked this post, then don’t forget to share it with others!

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  1. Thanks for including Pro Blog Design in your list, and the complements you gave! All the sites you mentioned are great, would happily recommend any of them as well! :D

  2. Thanks for the list Mayank :) :)
    I will add them to my feed reader to get more deep in WP : ) :)
    Thanks once again :) :)

  3. Hi Mayank,

    Glad to see WP Hacks still makes the list! Yes, posts have been down lately but there should be more new content in the near future.

    Thanks again!

  4. Thanks again for continuing to support WPTavern.com by adding it to list posts such as these. I’m slowly but surely getting back into the groove of publishing content more than once a day which will be a benefit to everyone. hoping to interview more cool people in the WordPress community this year on the podcast and last but not least, expect to see more video content on the site, especially after I attend a WordCamp.

    • @Jeff – Well, this support will always be there as yours is one blog that is always up to date with lots of fresh content. Its always a pleasure to go through your blog posts across all the wp related blogs.

      Video content will be great! Even I’m planning to publish few screencasts or videos over here.

  5. Pro Blog Design is my favorite, love their content and design.

    • @Satish – Indeed :) I would suggest you to subscribe to all if you haven’t yet and then I bet you’d publish this kind of post on your blog too as soon as you’ll go through all of them :D

  6. Thanks for mentioning my site WPVote :) It’s a young site with a lot to give back to the commuity, but things are going well so far and it’s great to see people are enjoying it, and think it’s worthwhile :)

  7. Nice list. I was following most of them but found couple of new and useful sites. Thank you.

  8. Hey Mayank,

    Thanks for Mentioning WPBeginner. Always love to hear positive feedback from the community. Definitely a great list of WP Resource sites here.

  9. Nice list Mayank. And I believe I’m subscribed to all of them apart from WP Tavern which I just did…
    Such resources are always handy.. Thumbs up! :)

  10. I loved all the resources mentioned here :) thumbs up to this article

  11. Apparently WordPress Hacks hasn’t been updated since nine month into the future. They are so behind in the times. Haha.

  12. Thanks for posting this list! I’m a WordPress beginner and this is extremely helpful. I’m checking out the resources posted and adding this blog to Bloglines. :)

  13. WPBeginner and WPEngineer are my faves since they really helped me when I began wordpress. It helped me customize and make my site into which way I want. It also developed my creativity when dealing with the design. :)

  14. Thanks Mayank…..These websites are really good sites.

  15. I think many can do this change with ease and maybe WP should make it possible to upload a gravatar in the backend without adding!!