Link backs are one of the most important factor in the search engine rankings and that’s what most of the SEO focus on when they try to improve the search engine rankings. There are many guides on how to build link backs and they are effective as well. I used various types of link building techniques as I always wanted to rank good for some of the wonderful keywords which drive lots of relevant traffic to Blog Design Studio. Here are the techniques which I used to build the link backs -

1. Do follow blogs – There are lot of blogs which have the policy of Do-follow in the comments section. Do follow links are those which pass the link juice (actual link back) and one should make use of them by leaving relevant comments. Here is the directory of blogs which have Do follow in comments.

2. Blogs with top commentators plugin – There are many blogs which have got Top commentator plugin installed and if any blog which is in your niche and has top commentator plugin, then you should take part in the community and try to come up as the top commentator. The link will stay on for weeks and that should be good enough, as it is generally a site-wide link (i.e. it appears on each and every page of that blog).

3. Hold some contest – If you can start a contest and if at all you can have a good prize to give away then you will surely attract lot of link backs.

4. Be the sponsor – If you can be a sponsor of the contest then you get in a better situation as you won’t have to do the hard work and you can attract the link backs too.

5. Write attractive headlineAn attractive headline with relative content will help you in gaining link back!

6. Give link to others – If you give out links, people will link to you. It’s like give and take method. It may work, it may not however remember that when it comes to giving link, it should be valuable for your readers.

7. Social bookmarks – There are lot of social bookmarking sites which have the do-follow links and I’ve written a quicky about it as well. Feel free to check out that how can you improve the search engine rankings using that.

8. Press releases – If you can do a press release, then it will help you in gaining good amount of link backs. Remember the press release has to be really good for that and should be news worthy too. OpenPR is one of the website where you can do a press release for free. Otherwise a Google search is always good way of finding cool resources.

9. Take part in community/forums – If you are active in forums (related to you niche) then if you drop link to your blog then it won’t hurt anyone. However, just ensure that you don’t fall in the spammer category.

10. Signatures – If you get active in forum, then don’t forget to put the link to your blog in your signature. They are generally do follow links.

11. Submission to link directories – There are many directories (again do a simple Google Search) which allow you to submit the blogs in the directories for free. I’m sure that itself can help you in gaining lot of link backs.

12. Publish articles – There are lot of article submission directories. is one of the most popular ones. Just submit an article and it will help you in generating lot of linkbacks.

13. Create a Squidoo pageSquidoo used to be one of the finest resource, however after the Google Slap, it may not be the best way of generating traffic, however still it’s one way of getting a free link back and you can always promote your services over there. Check out the page which I created – Why blog design is important for your blog ?

14. Guest blogging – If you can do a guest blog post, then you will get a link back in the post author profile section. If you can publish a good blog post on any of the popular blogs in your niche, then you may even get more link backs as high profile blogs generally get link backs on most of their blog posts.

15. Do Interviews – If you can do an interview with someone popular in your business, trade or any popular blogger then you may get a link back from them as they will generally inform on their own blog that they were interviewed by this person.

16. Give Interviews – If you get to set yourself as an authority then people take interviews from you, then you are surely going to get some free linkbacks. I was recently interviewed by Keith D’souza and Chetan.

17. Submit to Craiglist – If you offer some services from your blog or if you offer any service in particular then feel free to post about it in Craiglist. It’s one of the most reputed website on Google.

If you know any other free ways of building the link backs then feel free to share them here. It will not only help in making it as a wonderful resource but it will surely help all those who are interested in building free link backs. Isn’t it ?

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  1. Good list :)

    Taking and giving interviews point looks cool :p

  2. Okay, that’s a brilliant list, mate! :)
    It’s been long time since I came here and commenting. You write another cool stuff today! Stumbled it just now. Good luck with it. ;)

  3. Good.
    I will try to follow this and see what effect it has on my current blog.

  4. Participate in group writing projects. It gives a lot of opportunities to link, to get links, to network with others and traffic spike on top.

  5. Great article. Very applicable to gaining rankings in other sites as well such as technorati! Thanks for putting this together.
    Here is another good article that talks about building quality links as well. . .

    Build Quality Links

    Thanks again!

  6. Great list and very useful, sharing expert ideas is another idea I use. Creating a great design with potential to adapt with current changes is also a good idea.

  7. I'm glad that you liked the post and that you took time to visit and leave comment on our blog. Hope to see you as regular commenter.

  8. Liked them all! Now trying to implement some :)

    • I’m glad that you liked these articles and find them informative enough :) I’m planning to build this blog as one stop resource for blogging stuff. Cross your fingers !

  9. Thank you for posting these great tips. Being a startup blog, it has been interesting reading everyone’s useful tips for success. Thank you! Keep it up!

  10. Thanks for all the insight above. Link building is a real nightmare. Its hard to find a pattern that works and keep it working!

    • @web – yeah! there is definitely no pattern and if at all link building would have been easy we all would have gained lots of links ;) isn’t it?

  11. Great ideas, i will try them on my own blog.

  12. Thanks for the great article!

  13. Thanks so much for the fanatasticinformation that I can use Immediately!

  14. Great list you know what your talking about. I knew most of it but still a great list

  15. Awesome list, currently working my way through it now!

  16. Thank you for the list, i have bookmarked this article so i can keep checking back on the list. This will benifit my blog very well, i can’t wait to recieve backlinks!

    Thanks again my friend!

  17. Thanks for the great article! Gonna run down the list and see what helps.

  18. Great tips. Thanks for those.

  19. great post how to increase traffic to website :)

    Thanks for writing

  20. Nice post about link building , i totally agree with you but i rather using social bookmarking and article submit to get backlinks to my blog

    how much backlinks should i build in a day to get PR 3 in 3 months?

    • @oneblogtips – well, there is nothing set as pattern. I would rather say that let it build naturally and not worry about linkbuilding. I’ll be honest, i’m not a veteran SEO guy.. I generally focus on one keyword and then see the ranking grow.. and once it has reached the first page then I start worrying about the other keywords.

  21. Good site, I found it very useful to get a pointer in the right direction for generating linkbacks.

  22. An interesting read. Brainstorming a contest to run. Hope all is well :D

  23. Great list! Appreciate you sharing this information. Will try out some of these! Thanks for the the interesting read:-)

  24. Yay! Some useful tips. Thanks. :)