Matt Mullenweg - The Super Hero!

If it weren’t for Matt Mullenweg creating WordPress, I would not have been here writing at this blog and you all wouldn’t have been reading this article. At the age of 19, he invented the core of WordPress, and later when he turned 24, quit his job at CNET to fully focus on developing WordPress – a blogging platform. He is also the founder of Automattic, the business behind WordPress as well as famous spam fighter, Akismet.

Read this amazing piece at Skidzopedia – 17 people who changed the internet. Although, I would surely love to include the name of Max Levchin, Paypal’s founder; Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, Skype’s founders. I’m sure there must be more people on that list, still I would say that the list is pretty neat. I’m happy that people realize Matt’s hard work & contribution to the internet as he definitely deserves these kinda titles! What Say?

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Facebook Pages are extremely popular among Small Business owners, Artists, Celebrities, Fortune 500 companies and who not! We’ve already discussed that how one can add a custom tab on Facebook Page and how to make your page popular and gain lots of fans. We discussed almost every aspect of gaining the fans for your Facebook Page, however we forgot to mention that if you have a creative, interactive and gripping facebook page, then fans will also engage in conversation pretty easily. So we thought of listing those 5 Facebook Pages that inspire us and we have fallen in love with!



This fantastic page is a great way to show that how a user can be engaged. The page is powered through Adobe Flash and the nice use of colors and icons ensures that you won’t skip a single element on that page. The feature that I love the most is shown on Fan Downloads page. Fans can download free goodies only if they become the fan – a great way to add fans.

Victoria’s Secret


This page is also a great display of how users around the world are engaged. You’ll see lots and lots of wall updates from its fans. Their Bombshell custom tab educates its fans to change the pic to few specific images that spread the word about Victoria’s Secret. They even make a great use of the Events feature of Pages. Impressive designs with hot looking models will entice you to become a fan!



This ever so popular Facebook Page has over a million fans and an integrated application lets you search through various NGOs. They’ve integrated the application well in the page thus ensuring that a user not only becomes the fan of the page but they get to add the application easily too. Its neat and clean design is something I love the most!

There are more awesome Facebook pages like Adidas, Starbucks, Red Bull, Sony and a lot more. You’ll notice that small little activities and features ensure that these pages have gained more than million fans each. Of course, their brand helps in gaining the users, its really the interaction in the Facebook page that really kicks of the things. So, which is your favorite page and why you like it the most?

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I was always impressed with the fan page of Chris Guillebeau’s The Art of Nonconformity [his blog]. It was one of the first few fan pages that used the power of Custom tabs in Facebook Pages. What I loved about this fan page was that it first loads the Welcome Page for those users who aren’t fan at the moment. Check out the page (link mentioned above) and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Lets find out that how one can add Custom Tabs on Facebook Fan page.

1. Go to Static FBML application

This is the application that helps in creating the custom tabs. This application renders HTML & FBML (Facebook markup language), so pretty much gives enough control to the user to customize the page the way they want. We’ll learn about the customization in upcoming posts.

2. Click on Add to my Page


As soon as you click on this, it’ll give you the option of selecting the page where you would like to add this application. Just select the right page and click on Add to page. Nothing much will happen, click on Close.

3. Edit your tab page


At this point, you should continue editing your fan page. You’ll notice there will be a new application that you would need to edit. This application comes from “Static FBML” and once we click on “Edit” (as shown in screenshot) – we’ll get the ability to customize the tab page.

4. Customize the tab page


As you can see that I’ve used the HTML tags to create a “test” Welcome Page. Of course, you’d need to know HTML or FBML in order to publish anything on these pages. Either you can use a free WYSIWYG web page editor or if you are comfortable with WordPress editor, then simply write your message and then go to HTML editor section and use the code.

5. Adding the tab on the Fan Page


Once you are done with designing your custom facebook tab page. You would want to show it on your fan page. You will need to visit the page as administrator and click on the “+” icon at the right hand side of all the tabs. You’ll see your custom developed page in the list, just select it and you are good to go!

Note : You can always drag and drop the tab to change its position. For e.g. you may want to have this tab as the 3rd tab instead of 7th, then you just need to drag it on the left hand side till it comes to the third position.

6. Loading the custom tab at first


Again edit the page and in that edit the “Wall Settings”. This will give the option of selecting your custom tab page as the “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else

Just save the settings and everything should work the way you always wanted. Custom Tabs on Facebook Fan pages is a wonderful feature as its a quick way to introduce about who you are and what services do you offer. If optimized properly, it can be a great resource in your “Social Media Marketing strategy“. I’ll come up with optimization tricks in the next post and to ensure that you don’t miss it – you can subscribe to our newsletter.

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Does your blog design really matters after all or is it just a luxury toy for the ultra-rich bloggers?

Well, it plays approximately the same role in representing your blog to the world as looks do for women. A pretty woman will definitely be “right” at the moment she appears in front of the people. Later on, she may turn out to be stupid, boring, or even malicious, but she has won the first battle anyway. The same goes for your blog. You may have the best of the content however if you don’t have a good blog design, you’ll still lose a lot of readers just because the presentation of the blog isn’t that good.

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My eyes froze on a post that read “How I find customers and make money with Twitter” while I was going through my feed reader. I was curious to know that what are the other tricks that Twitter users are using to market their products or services. I’ll say that there was nothing new in that post, however I realized that I haven’t shared this simplest trick with any one of you.

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Does Twitter deserve the kind of coverage it gets on tech blogs? That’s the question Amit Agarwal has posted on his wonderful blog and exactly same question was going through my mind a few days back and I thought of writing something about it too. After looking at that post, I can only say that Amit has given me the opportunity to answer the question slightly quickly. We are seeing literally hundreds of applications, thousands of posts and even more number of tweets about Twitter. That definitely sounds like over dose to me, amit and many of you like us.

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Today, my friend Vivek was having a chat with me on the phone and asked a common however, a difficult question – “how many blog subscribers do you have and how to increase the subscriber base?” The first part of the question is not difficult at all, as I can easily track my subscriber base with the help of Feedburner and currently this blog’s subscriber base hovers between 920-950 subscribers. It is the second part of the question that is slightly difficult to answer as it has been already answered by most of the professional bloggers who have more than 50,000 subscribers.

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