1. Low Cost to start with:

Its open source and thus the platform itself is free to use and develop on – starting on WordPress is like less than half the cost of custom developing from scratch or using any other robust CMS.

2. Additional Functionality with Plugins:

WordPress community is huge and developing everyday – they contribute in the form of plugins which gives you additional functionality at ease and most of them are free or really low cost. Try to only use plugins which are regularly updated as it means the developer is active and it was not just a onetime thing.

3. Simple to Develop:

In comparison to any other robust Content Management Systems present out there, WordPress has the simplest of the code and is very documented – makes it really easy and simple to start developing on wordpress for anybody.

4. Beautiful Design for Branding:

Because of the flexibility of its code, the framework has no limitations in terms of design as most other CMS’s has – you can do anything to it in terms of design – no limitations really.

5. Fast Launching:

All the above factors makes the site development really fast and save you a lot of valuable time.

6. Themes – multiple prebuilt websites/blogs:

There are a huge bunch of themes available for use – free or low cost. If you are starting with a new concept then you can start with one of them rather going custom to start with – and as you grow and know your business better then you can start customizing – all depends on your business model. Just make sure that the theme you are selecting is not only just good to look at but has the simple management of the functionality in the backend so you can manage it simply (themes are not simply designs but a complete site but most of them available in the marketplace focus only on the design as thats the only thing an average person understands – the frontend).

7. SEO friendly:

It is built to be sear engine friendly – pings every time you do any update on the site. Apart from that there are multiple free plugins available for you to extend the SEO functionality and manage it easily all by yourself.

8. Updated very easily:

WordPress has regular updates and you can simply implement that with click of a button. Even the plugins are the same. So your website is tuned to the latest developments.

9. Easy Content Management:

Writing content in the backend is as simple as writing in MS Word. Also, you can play around with the placement of the features and add new features yourself mostly all by yourself – just make sure that the developer utilizes the power of wordpress when working on your site (making the sections widgetized to the extent possible).

10. WordPress as a Company itself is run by smart innovative people and though it is open source it has a huge funding behind it for them to push developments on the platform itself – if you are a business owner you will understand the importance of this – its not only the product but who is behind it and how much money they have as its not a one day use thing

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About 3 years back we as a Web Design and Development Company, decided to chose WordPress as the only platform we will develop blog/websites on. The progress since then proves that our decision was right. Some of the achievements of WordPress as underlined by Matt in the recent Wordcamp in San Francisco and what it means to us:

  • 14.7%  of the top 1 million websites in the world are now powered by WordPress (one year ago it was 8.5% only)
  • 1 in every 5 new domains created in US are running on WordPress (for new sites its easy to get started with WordPress – design, functionality and cost wise)
  • 500 Thousand downloads in the first 48hrs of the 3.2 release (its not only how big the community is but almost everybody is active as well)
  • 200 Million plugin downloads (how actively and beautifuly the community is contributing – proven by the use of the plugins)
  • 92% of wordpress users now use it as a CMS (most important stats as per my understanding as I have noticed over years many a people using wordpress without harnessing any of its powers which is a shame)
  • WordPress Maintains a zen like process of core development allowing it to be adaptive, flexible and open to extension (why we all love wordpress – its the only platform which is flexible and well documented for us to mould and develop further upon to make it even more stronger and beautiful as per the reuqirement of individual projects)

Also, a very creative infographic on WordPress Facts, Figures & History:
Wordpress Facts Figures History

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Facebook Logo sticker on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

In our earlier post we discussed that how we can add a custom tab on a facebook page and in this post we’d discuss that how can we popularize that facebook page to ensure that our brand name spreads and we can find targeted users. Of course, there have been many blogs that have already spoken about it and we’d like to ensure that this blog post will feature the best of techniques to ensure that you’d be able to promote your facebook page in the best of ways.

Lets start with the basics

best-friends-2.jpg 1. Invite your amigo : There will always be friends who’d be close and will be always ready to help you. If you have few friends like that in your list, why aren’t you inviting them? Invite them, ask them to spread the word, ask them to further invite their friends. This should help in spreading the name pretty quickly.

2. Updates are must – In order to ensure that your facebook page becomes a Rock Star, you’d need to keep it up to date. More over, if anyone would interact on your facebook page, its activity may appear in their timeline and thus will help in attracting more eye-balls. You can always use following applications for automating various tasks -

  • TwitterFeed – Using this service you can setup your blog feed and publish the updates on Twitter & Facebook. So whenever you’ll write a blog post, its link will automatically be published on these networks. This will ensure that you’ll get more traffic on your blog plus it’ll engage the fans as well. Since its the feeds that you can setup – you can easily setup feed from YouTube, Digg, Flickr or other services that you use.
  • Twitter Application – This little application displays your tweets on facebook and also lets you publish all your tweets on facebook. So even if you are posting updates on Twitter, they will be pushed on Facebook too. Thus keeps your pages active with fresh content.
  • HootSuite – I think it’s one of the best applications around as far as pushing the content on multiple networks. This wonderful service lets you schedule your tweets and with least amount of efforts you can easily manage Facebook pages, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. So to ensure that fresh content is posted at all the times, you can schedule the updates easily using this.

Some Free Viral Marketing is on your way

Now that we’ve ensured that the content on your Facebook account is all up to date, its time to ensure that we can try and increase the fans for your business page. There are manual and tiring methods as you need to engage in conversation with new fans. Lets check them out -

viral-marketing.jpg 3. Search New Users – Facebook’s search displays results from updates across facebook. So if you have a business page about Custom WordPress Themes then do a search for “WordPress” and you’ll surely find lots of users that you can target. Engage in conversation with them and try to add them on your network.

4. Add friends of friends – You can also try to engage in conversation with friends of your friends and then add them on your network. This is a slow process however a darn effective one.

5. Add Facebook fan widget on your blog – Its not that you can only visitors from Facebook to your blog. You can also add Facebook fans from your blog. There will always be many visitors who’d come on your blog from search engines and they can become the fan if you give them the option of becoming one. Simply add a widget on your blog and see it in action.

Spend money and market your page quickly

Above activities would require decent amount of hours and efforts, however not everyone is blessed with that much amount of time. So if you can shell out some money, you’d be able to attract thousands of users for your business page. Here are some of the ways -

pay-per-click.jpg 6. Giveaways attracts new visitors – Even small giveaways like e-books, books can help in generating lots of visitors to your account. If you have a product that you can afford to give away, then go ahead and do it. Just ask your current fans to share your specific update and the luck winner can win. This can get pretty viral depending on how excited the fans are about that particular giveaway.

7. Social Ads – Facebook gives great advertising options. You can run various ad campaigns and attract users on your facebook page. Facebook’s social ads are pretty effective and you get to decide that how much money you want to spend. It’s quick and effective for sure!

8. Impress the visitors with custom landing pages – Well, if you can spend some money then get a custom tab designed and coded. An impressive landing tab page will always attract users and they would love to spread it as well.

Engaging with fans is important

Once you’ve added lots of fans, its important that they don’t forget you. We’ve already discussed that how you can keep fresh content coming on your pages, however if you won’t engage in conversation with your fans, all the efforts will go in vein. To avoid that here are few things you should keep on doing -

9. Comments and messages – Make sure that if a user comes and posts updates on your page, then you should thank them by sending messages. Leave comments on their updates regularly, this would keep them active.

10. Help them and they’ll help you – If your fans have blog around same industry then promote it on your pages. This will build a stronger relationship. After all thats what social networking is all about, isn’t it?

Caution – Don’t try to spam. Its good that you want to promote your business, however you shouldn’t forget that there may be many friends of yours who won’t be that much interested in knowing about your business every single hour. Make sure that your idea is to have the positive PR and not to be in the bad books of your close network.

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Daniel has posted this great question his blog – Does having a business partner improve your chances of success? He has posted examples of various online business that have done well and have been pretty successful and were founded by two more people. Of course, there are lot of benefits of having a partner and Daniel has posted various arguments that are given by those who are in favor of having a partner -

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Around six month back, I wrote a blog post “What you need to learn from Valleywag’s blogger?” and I guess, history has repeated itself. This time, Andrew Keen has replaced Paul Boutin but the theory remains the same i.e. “blogs are dead“. Yawn!! Yawn!!

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It was very interesting step taken by Yahoo! Inc. to give one of its acquired service i.e. Blo.gs (one of the coolest domain one can think of) to Automattic Inc. Blo.gs is a blog ping update service and here’s how they’ve explained themselves -

This is a directory of recently updated weblogs and tools for tracking interesting weblogs, in the spirit of services like weblogs.com and blogtracker and blogrolling.com.

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Alex King, founder of Crowd Favorite and one of the pioneers in WordPress themes, plugin development has announced a new service called WordPress Help Center. Jeff has already mentioned about this on WPCandy and has come up with few wonderful points that Alex will surely be listening to. Here’s what Jeff (his interview with us) thinks about this service -

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