In this article I am going to present you one of the best CSS frameworks you can find. When starting a new project as a frontend developer you will always have to face the fact that you will have to write a lot of CSS just to achieve the basic structure of the site. Creating different templates with one or multiple columns can be time consuming, well not anymore. To shorten the time and the testing of the CSS you have done we are going to look over some of the most popular CSS frameworks.

Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap comes with 940 pixel grid system it works in all the major browsers, it has a nice set of predefined UI elements that can come handy. You can customize the framework before you download the files and you can find all the things documented if you run in some problems. Overall I think that this is one of the most compete CSS frameworks you can find on the net.

Go to Bootstrap.

 960 CSS Framework

960 is a CSS framework that will ease your effort when working with 960 pixels layout sites and it will provide 12 or 16 column, which can be used separately or in tandem. To find more info go to 960 site and read the documentation and take a look at the demos.

Go to 960.


The Blueprint framework was developed By a student from Norway and this is considered to be one of the strongest CSS frameworks. It offers a CSS platform and typographic grids, the framework aims to considerably reduce the development time. Blueprint offers a user friendly generator that can be used to generate frames based on the width you input. To see more info visit the site.

Go to Blueprint.

Overall using CSS grids can be helpful for big project, it can cut development time and decries the number of cross browser bugs. Always choose wisely do your research before you jump in, sometimes doing it from scratch is the best way to go.

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Border radius

Border radius is one of the most used CSS properties, but to achieve the desired effect you have to type a bunch of code so can get it to work in all browsers. This tool will allow you to do this in seconds, just type the value you like and it will generate the code for you.

Go to Border

Box shadow

Create box shadow effects in second with Box shadow tool, just add the values you like and you are set to go.

Go to Box Shadow

Sprite Tool

Sprite cow Is one of the easiest ways to generate your css code when you are using sprites in a web site. Upload your sprite image or see the example, with this tool you are going to speed up the process of making time consuming and boring sprites.

Go to Sprite

Button Maker

CSS allows us to make awesome buttons. Here is a generator that will give you the ability to create the button you what in seconds no need to type the code just play around till you get the desired effect.

Go to Button Maker

Gradient Generator

Here you can generate CSS for gradients, pick the colors you like take a look at the preview and copy the code. Very easy to use.

Go to Gradient Generator

All in one CSS3 generator

All in one place, if something is missing from above you will find it here.

Go to CSS3 generator

Font Face Generator

Here you can generate font face css code for your free font, upload the font file and download your font kit. Also you can find a lot of free fonts for download.

Go to Font

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1. 1001 Free Fonts

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After the release of Simple Blog Design and Simple Blog Design 2, we’d like to present NewBlue theme for all those who like Blue color. Just like Simple Blog Design and Simple Blog Design 2, NewBlue theme is a minimalist theme with no fancy stuff around it but a nice and clean design.

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screenshot.png As I mentioned in our last blog post that we are about to release another theme, which we’d submitted to be selected in the WordPress theme directory. The theme has been featured in WordPress theme directory and again it has done pretty well with 39 downloads in just 3 days. The theme has a dark background with white color on top of it with green header.

Presenting Simple Blog Design 2 -

Minimalist theme - Simple blog design 2: As the name suggests, this theme has nothing fancy around it. It’s simple fast loading and will suit any type of blog. So, even if you have tech blog or if you have a blog related to music, you can easily use this theme as it is made to suit all kind of blogs.

Why the name simple blog design 2 ?

There are couple of reasons for that and one of them is that it has all the features of Simple blog design theme and the second is that it is a pretty simple blog design.

Features of Simple blog design -

1. Single or double sidebar – choice is yours : This theme also features the option of having singe column or double colum, the idea is to ensure that you can fit all sort of content in the sidebar, just in case you are one of those who want to have lot of options in the sidebar.

2. Typograhy is in your hands – Simple blog design 2 ensure that you get the choice of font you want. So, if you are interested in verdana, georgia or arial font, you can easily change in the options panel.

3. Feedburner integration – Simple blog design 2 theme is fully integrated with feedburner, so you don’t need to use feedburner feedsmith plugin. All your readers will get redirected to your feedburner URL (in case you have one).

We’ll continue to release more and more free themes, to suit your likings and if you have something specific in mind feel free to discuss it in our forums and we’ll try to incorporate the ideas in the themes.

Simple Blog Design 2Demo | Download

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It’s been a while since we released a free theme for our readers. We’ve released Five free WordPress themes before and that was long back, so we thought that it’s time to create release another free and minimalist theme for our readers. On top of it, the good news is that we had submitted this theme in WordPress theme directory and it got approved too.

Presenting Simple Blog Design -

1. Minimalist themeSimple blog design is a minimalist theme and because of less use of images and anything fancy, it loads blazingly fast and ensure that your readers won’t have to wait for long.

2. Multiple columnsSimple blog design is not just any two column theme, it can be converted easily from the options panel into three column theme too.

3. Amazing typography – We focused a lot on typography to ensure that your blog readers will be able to read the text pretty nicely. Not just that, we’ve given the choice to you in case you are interested in choosing different font. You can easily choose from Verdana, Georgia & Arial font for your blog. You can choose this from the options panel.

4. Feedburner integrated – You don’t need to use feedburner feedsmith plugin at all! Simply enter your feedburner URL in the options panel and Simple blog design theme will automatically redirect all subscribers to the feedburner address.

We are pretty excited as the theme got released yesterday only (on wordpress theme directory) and has been downloaded 41 times already!

Demo | Download

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Sometime back when we were operating under the name of DesignSaurus, we released five free wordpress themes. Those themes are highly configurable and here’s the list of the features :

  • Advertising Ready.
  • Easy Feedburner integration
  • Widgets Ready
  • About the author section
  • Display recent Flickr photostreams
  • Integrated Related posts plugin
  • Styled comments
  • Search engine optimized
  • Easily customizable headers
  • Includes PSD & necessary fonts.


DailyBook : Demo | Download


SkyHigh :Demo | Download


Triology Next : Demo | Download


Musicca : Demo | Download


GreenW : Demo | Download.

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