About 3 years back we as a Web Design and Development Company, decided to chose WordPress as the only platform we will develop blog/websites on. The progress since then proves that our decision was right. Some of the achievements of WordPress as underlined by Matt in the recent Wordcamp in San Francisco and what it means to us:

  • 14.7%  of the top 1 million websites in the world are now powered by WordPress (one year ago it was 8.5% only)
  • 1 in every 5 new domains created in US are running on WordPress (for new sites its easy to get started with WordPress – design, functionality and cost wise)
  • 500 Thousand downloads in the first 48hrs of the 3.2 release (its not only how big the community is but almost everybody is active as well)
  • 200 Million plugin downloads (how actively and beautifuly the community is contributing – proven by the use of the plugins)
  • 92% of wordpress users now use it as a CMS (most important stats as per my understanding as I have noticed over years many a people using wordpress without harnessing any of its powers which is a shame)
  • WordPress Maintains a zen like process of core development allowing it to be adaptive, flexible and open to extension (why we all love wordpress – its the only platform which is flexible and well documented for us to mould and develop further upon to make it even more stronger and beautiful as per the reuqirement of individual projects)

Also, a very creative infographic on WordPress Facts, Figures & History:
Wordpress Facts Figures History

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Automotive industry is one of the biggest industry in the world, it’s got shine, glamour and best of the lot speed! And for a blog to be successful in automotive blogs category, they need to have all those qualities as well. Today in our inspirational blog design series we bring forward some of the wonderful blogs that are pretty popular in the automotive blog category. In fact, Car Advice Australia blog [number 3 in the list] has been one of the success stories in the blogging world. Here’s a small quote from the interview of Alborz Fallah, owner CarAdvice.co.uk taken by Yaro Starak, renowned blogging guru.

I don’t know how much his blog generates today, but 12 months ago it was making $30,000 a month, so I expect the site generates at least half a million dollars a year now. I do know the site was professionally audited (necessary when you take on capital investors) and valued at 5 million dollars!

Well, that’s quite a motivating story and you should definitely read that interview. Other than that, don’t forget to check out the list of great Auto blog!

11 Automotive Weblogs That Are As Beautiful As BMW!

1. Auto Blog

autoblog blog design

2. Left Lane News

leftlane web design

3. Car Adv ice

caradvice wordpress design

4. eMercedesBenz

emercedesbenz web design

5. German Car Blog

germancarblog web design

6. Car Throttle

carthrottle wordpress design

7. Hemmings Blog

hemmingsblog blog design

8. Road&Track

road&track web design

9. Auto Observer

auto-observer wordpress design

10. Autosavant

autosavant blog design

11. Family Car Guide

familycarguide wordpess design

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Celebrity blogging is one type of blogging that attracts lots and lots of attention if done right. Perez Hilton has been one of the biggest success stories not just in “celebrity blogging” but overall blogging industry. Celebrities always attract lots of attention and well, a blog about them will surely attract the attention as well and that’s what we love about celebrity blogs, they attract lot of comments and lots of interaction happens among readers .

This triggered the idea of posting a list of celebrity blog & beautiful designs in our “Inspirational blogs & designs series“. We thought that it would be cool to post something about celebrities and so here is the list of the blogs that are popular than even celeb magazines or the ones that even celebs don’t miss to read for their daily dose of gossips!

14 Blogs That Even Celebs Don’t Miss To Read

1. I’m not obsessed

m-not-obsessed blog design

2. The Superficial

the-superficial web design

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In Blog Design Studio team, most of us are foodies! We all love to try various cuisine’s and dishes and being the internet junkie’s we always turn to food blogs for new recipes. In fact, CopyKat Recipes is one food blog that we open almost every day of our lives, not only because we’ve been working on this awesome and very popular food blog since long but for the fact that, Stephanie has definitely shared some really awesome recipes on it! So we thought, that in the “inspirational series” the next post should be about Beautifully Designed Food Blogs. Well, Literally Feast your eyes and soul with some awesome looking food blogs that’ll make you hungry once again!

Delicious Looking & Professionally Designed Food Blogs

1. CopyKat Recipes [Yeah! We totally love our work ;) ]


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It’s been long time since we updated our blog and we thought that it’d be worth posting inspirational web designs for ourselves and of course for our favorite reader i.e. You! Chicks are synonym for beauty and what could have been a better way than This post to start the inspirational post series (yes! you’d see lots of inspirational posts in upcoming weeks and they’d be regular)? In this post we found fifteen such designs from the web that would attract girls! Feast your eyes with pure awesomeness & some of the web’s most beautiful web designs! We hope that you like these designs and that you’d love to share your opinion about them!

1. Veerle’s Blog


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