You are searching for jQuery sliders? Search no more, here we have composed a list of the best slider that you can find on the internet. Some of them are free and very customizable and some of them are worth spending some money to achieve your goal.


This slider offers many different effects, you can use the generator to create your slider so you don’t spend a lot of time customizing your options.


The slider has a lot of cool effects you can get the free version or you can get one of the paid ones. It has very nice documentation and its very easy to implement.


Slidedeck offers a fully paid version only you have 3 options and tons of cool options and also you get a WordPress plugin for your money.

Easy Slider

It’s free and basic, but if you are comfortable with jQuery and you need to extend the slider to create something that you can’t find on the internet this is the way to go. We have extended the script in so many ways and it never failed us before.


Offers a free version for noncommercial usage. There a lot of good examples on the site, good documentation so you don’t get lost and most important thing, it can fit in any design.


Free responsive slider that is very easy to use, it has all the options you will need. It can be used for mobile, it supports touch events if you use jQuery.event.swipe in combination with it.


Thumbnail preview, cool effects good documentation all you need to implement is just to download the files and take a look at the documentation.

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Easy List Splitter

Easy list splitter can be very useful when you need to split some lists like some mega menu on the fly. It’s very easy to use  just follow the instruction on the site.

To download the plugin go here.

Wookmark jQuery Plugin

If you are struggling on how to build this kind of a layout take a look at this Jquery plugin.

Check out the demo here.


A useful tooltip plugin that can save you a lot of time when you need to build an app that is using a lot of tooltips.

Take a look at the site here.

jQuery Countdown

The beast free countdown timer. If you are getting your site ready to go live or you have some event in the future you can get this script to countdown the time that is left.

Take a look at the documentation here.

jQuery Validate

Coding a validation for HTML forms can be boring and time consuming. This script will cut the time for coding and make your life better.

Take a look at the site here.

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In this article I am going to present you one of the best CSS frameworks you can find. When starting a new project as a frontend developer you will always have to face the fact that you will have to write a lot of CSS just to achieve the basic structure of the site. Creating different templates with one or multiple columns can be time consuming, well not anymore. To shorten the time and the testing of the CSS you have done we are going to look over some of the most popular CSS frameworks.

Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap comes with 940 pixel grid system it works in all the major browsers, it has a nice set of predefined UI elements that can come handy. You can customize the framework before you download the files and you can find all the things documented if you run in some problems. Overall I think that this is one of the most compete CSS frameworks you can find on the net.

Go to Bootstrap.

 960 CSS Framework

960 is a CSS framework that will ease your effort when working with 960 pixels layout sites and it will provide 12 or 16 column, which can be used separately or in tandem. To find more info go to 960 site and read the documentation and take a look at the demos.

Go to 960.


The Blueprint framework was developed By a student from Norway and this is considered to be one of the strongest CSS frameworks. It offers a CSS platform and typographic grids, the framework aims to considerably reduce the development time. Blueprint offers a user friendly generator that can be used to generate frames based on the width you input. To see more info visit the site.

Go to Blueprint.

Overall using CSS grids can be helpful for big project, it can cut development time and decries the number of cross browser bugs. Always choose wisely do your research before you jump in, sometimes doing it from scratch is the best way to go.

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Border radius

Border radius is one of the most used CSS properties, but to achieve the desired effect you have to type a bunch of code so can get it to work in all browsers. This tool will allow you to do this in seconds, just type the value you like and it will generate the code for you.

Go to Border

Box shadow

Create box shadow effects in second with Box shadow tool, just add the values you like and you are set to go.

Go to Box Shadow

Sprite Tool

Sprite cow Is one of the easiest ways to generate your css code when you are using sprites in a web site. Upload your sprite image or see the example, with this tool you are going to speed up the process of making time consuming and boring sprites.

Go to Sprite

Button Maker

CSS allows us to make awesome buttons. Here is a generator that will give you the ability to create the button you what in seconds no need to type the code just play around till you get the desired effect.

Go to Button Maker

Gradient Generator

Here you can generate CSS for gradients, pick the colors you like take a look at the preview and copy the code. Very easy to use.

Go to Gradient Generator

All in one CSS3 generator

All in one place, if something is missing from above you will find it here.

Go to CSS3 generator

Font Face Generator

Here you can generate font face css code for your free font, upload the font file and download your font kit. Also you can find a lot of free fonts for download.

Go to Font

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1. Low Cost to start with:

Its open source and thus the platform itself is free to use and develop on – starting on WordPress is like less than half the cost of custom developing from scratch or using any other robust CMS.

2. Additional Functionality with Plugins:

WordPress community is huge and developing everyday – they contribute in the form of plugins which gives you additional functionality at ease and most of them are free or really low cost. Try to only use plugins which are regularly updated as it means the developer is active and it was not just a onetime thing.

3. Simple to Develop:

In comparison to any other robust Content Management Systems present out there, WordPress has the simplest of the code and is very documented – makes it really easy and simple to start developing on wordpress for anybody.

4. Beautiful Design for Branding:

Because of the flexibility of its code, the framework has no limitations in terms of design as most other CMS’s has – you can do anything to it in terms of design – no limitations really.

5. Fast Launching:

All the above factors makes the site development really fast and save you a lot of valuable time.

6. Themes – multiple prebuilt websites/blogs:

There are a huge bunch of themes available for use – free or low cost. If you are starting with a new concept then you can start with one of them rather going custom to start with – and as you grow and know your business better then you can start customizing – all depends on your business model. Just make sure that the theme you are selecting is not only just good to look at but has the simple management of the functionality in the backend so you can manage it simply (themes are not simply designs but a complete site but most of them available in the marketplace focus only on the design as thats the only thing an average person understands – the frontend).

7. SEO friendly:

It is built to be sear engine friendly – pings every time you do any update on the site. Apart from that there are multiple free plugins available for you to extend the SEO functionality and manage it easily all by yourself.

8. Updated very easily:

WordPress has regular updates and you can simply implement that with click of a button. Even the plugins are the same. So your website is tuned to the latest developments.

9. Easy Content Management:

Writing content in the backend is as simple as writing in MS Word. Also, you can play around with the placement of the features and add new features yourself mostly all by yourself – just make sure that the developer utilizes the power of wordpress when working on your site (making the sections widgetized to the extent possible).

10. WordPress as a Company itself is run by smart innovative people and though it is open source it has a huge funding behind it for them to push developments on the platform itself – if you are a business owner you will understand the importance of this – its not only the product but who is behind it and how much money they have as its not a one day use thing

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About 3 years back we as a Web Design and Development Company, decided to chose WordPress as the only platform we will develop blog/websites on. The progress since then proves that our decision was right. Some of the achievements of WordPress as underlined by Matt in the recent Wordcamp in San Francisco and what it means to us:

  • 14.7%  of the top 1 million websites in the world are now powered by WordPress (one year ago it was 8.5% only)
  • 1 in every 5 new domains created in US are running on WordPress (for new sites its easy to get started with WordPress – design, functionality and cost wise)
  • 500 Thousand downloads in the first 48hrs of the 3.2 release (its not only how big the community is but almost everybody is active as well)
  • 200 Million plugin downloads (how actively and beautifuly the community is contributing – proven by the use of the plugins)
  • 92% of wordpress users now use it as a CMS (most important stats as per my understanding as I have noticed over years many a people using wordpress without harnessing any of its powers which is a shame)
  • WordPress Maintains a zen like process of core development allowing it to be adaptive, flexible and open to extension (why we all love wordpress – its the only platform which is flexible and well documented for us to mould and develop further upon to make it even more stronger and beautiful as per the reuqirement of individual projects)

Also, a very creative infographic on WordPress Facts, Figures & History:
Wordpress Facts Figures History

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Cake with WordPress Logo

Automattic has finally made the step that was awaited by thousands of WordPress Designers like us, they are now accepting premium themes in’s theme market place. This feature was discussed back in 2007 during the infamous “premium theme market” debate and although it took 3 years for this to happen, the move has been well appreciated by the community.

It’s a no surprise that WooThemes along with The Theme Foundry were chosen as the pilots for this project in Automattic. Both the WordPress design agencies came up with neat and clean design, although I personally loved Shelf, ThemeFoundry’s theme more because its got unconventional, tumblog style. On the other hand, Headlines is a generic theme with global appeal, nice design, color schemes options and not to forget a powerful and widely accepted framework. This is what Automattic said in the announcement -

We hope to expand the collection of themes on in a big way in 2011. Look for a significant number of both free and premium themes coming your way this year. And, thank you to our community for helping the Automattic network reach the mark of 500 million unique visitors per month. We couldn’t do it without you! [via - WP Market Place]

With a huge user base and virtually no solid competitor, Automattic is going to be obvious choice for blogging. With the launch of the Premium WordPress Design feature,  the current state of premium wordpress theme market will multiply pretty quickly. Unfortunately, neither there is information on kind of features or limitations are kept for the developers of premium themes for network nor any information about the revenue sharing. I’m sure this information will soon be made available to the developers once they open up the market place for rest of the developers to join.

What will be interesting to see is that how exactly market will respond to the new offering, if’s premium themes will be able to utilize the WordPress’ true power then how will if it effect the sales of premium themes that work on stand-alone version and offers more control? I believe that this feature will help Automattic a lot, apart from that it’ll help grow the overall WordPress market as well since premium themes in will be utilizing the power of WordPress CMS and will establish its image as CMS rather than a blogging engine. Of course, “the myth” “WordPress is just a blogging engine” is actually becoming “a myth in itself” as it’s been winning Best CMS Award since couple of years, still in general it is considered less powerful than Joomla & Drupal. With that, do we have any service that offers hosted Drupal or Joomla? I guess, WordPress beats them in that department too ;) I’m sure this step will only convert more web designers into WordPress designers. What are your thoughts about it?

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