What a month last month has been for us! Blog design of WPHacks (formerly HackWordPress), Blog design for Techie-buzz and guess what you all helped us in winning the contest run by LunarPages and we thought that it will be just one of the nice way of saying thank you by starting a contest on our own and to give a free custom wordpress theme to the winner & lot more!

Although, we firmly believe that a prize worth this much should have something interesting. Unfortunately I’m just not as creative as lot of other bloggers are and only come up with group writing contest only! Although, this one surely be worth putting efforts for!

What’s a group writing project ?

A group writing project is a collective effort by lots of bloggers who write on one topic (on their own blogs) which is chosen by one of the blogger (host) who holds the project. Here are some of the examples of some good group writing project -

1. Life Balance Group Writing Project.
2. Design you love group writing project.

Why should one join a group writing project?

The idea of group writing project is to socialize (find new blogs), find out what others think about the same topic and how exactly they portray it in different writing styles and here’s why you should join one -

1. Gain Link Backs – Generally the host of the group writing project gives link backs to all the contest entries and similarly by various contestants because a post on similar topic generally creates conversations and that’s always healthy for any blog.

2. Find new readers – A blog can boast about its popularity by gaining new readers and a group writing project is a wonderful way of finding lot of new readers because it generally tells you that who all are participating and who all have a blog (who doesn’t have blogs these days?).

3. Learn new writing styles – Everyone has a writing style and one can only learn new creative ways of writing when we read what others are writing. So, when others express their views on one topic, you’ll generally love the way they have presented the topic.

All said and done! What’s your group writing project ?

Our blog is about Blog designs and it only makes sense for us to hold a group writing project on the topic of “Blog Design“. So we encourage all of you to write something on your blogs on this creative topic.

Here are some of the examples of topic :

1. How blog design will change your blog’s value?
2. Why a blog design is important for your blog’s authority?
3. 10 tips to keep in mind before you get your blog designed!

I’m Game! What are the rules ?

Rules of a group writing are pretty simple and we want to keep them simple too. Here are our rules -

1. The article should be fresh and new. An old blog post will not be eligible for the contest.
2. The blog post should be at least 250 words long.
3. Give a link back the sponsors as mentioned at the bottom of the post.
4. Don’t forget to send an e-mail to us with the link to your contest entry {hello (at) blogdesignstudio (dot) com}.
5. Your blog should be at least one month old & should have at least 30 entries.
6. Your entry should come before 30th November (doesn’t matter which time zone, it should be 30th Nov.)

Why should I join ?

If at all the above mentioned reasons weren’t good enough for you, we’ve got few good reasons for you to join this contest and here are those!

1. Win a custom WordPress theme for your blog – Yes, if you are impressed with our blog portfolio then you should join this contest as you’ll be able to win a fully custom wordpress theme (work of reasonable amount) for free.

2. Premium Theme from Daily Blog Tips – Daniel has graciously sponsored a premium theme from Premium Themes Now. This is the second prize.

3. Consultation from Kevin Muldoon (BloggingTips) – Kevin has agreed that he’ll take out his valuable time and will give consultation to the first winner of the contest.

4. Consultation from Mayank (i.e. me) – I’ll give blog consultation to the third winner of the contest.

What else I need to do ?

As mentioned in the Rule # 3, you’ll need to give the link back (do follow link otherwise the entry will be considered void) to the sponsors of the contest with their choice of anchor text.

1. Blog Design Studio – the anchor text will be – “Blog Design” (sans quotes).
2. Daily Blog Tips – the anchor text will be – “Daily Blog Tips” (sans quotes).
3. Blogging Tips – the anchor text will be “Blogging Tips” (sans quotes).

Example of the paragraph -

This post is a contest entry of Blog Design Contest, hosted by Blog Design Studio and the winner will get a free custom wordpress theme. There are some amazing prizes by Daily Blog Tips and Blogging Tips as well.

Who decides that who wins the contest ?

The contest will be judged by three awesome bloggers who don’t need any introduction if you are any way connected to the field of blogging & WordPress.

1. Jeff Chandler, freelancer, problogger and the ultimate WordPress guru!
2. David Peralty, three year veteran full time problogger, currently providing business consulting relating to understanding the blogosphere.
3. Alex Cristache, awesome blogger and the amount of things you can learn from his blog are numerous. Has one of the best design in blogosphere too.

Now, start hitting the keys of your keyboard and turn on the tap of your creativity and let the blog juices flow as much as they can and come up with a creative post for this creative topic of “Blog Design” and don’t leave any chance of impressing the judges!

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  1. Heh, plenty of familiar names. :) I will definitely participate.

  2. What a way to honor your readers !!
    Great contest here.

  3. BTW,
    wouldn’t it be great if you introduced all the crew members of Team BlogDesignStudio to us ?

  4. Done! I have just posted my contribution to the group writing! I am impatient to see the other contributions! That will be interesting already, we can leran a lot from each other!

  5. Hi,
    We have just written our post on our web blog about the contest, we are totally new when it comes to blog design and just wanted to contribute to the discussion, not really aiming for a prize but winning would be also cool.
    Thumbs Up to everyone who joined!

  6. Just one question, I wonder why everyone is simply cutting & pasting the rules and contest details. Does it count? Aren't we supposed to write something about

    1. How blog design will change your blog’s value?
    2. Why a blog design is important for your blog’s authority?
    3. 10 tips to keep in mind before you get your blog designed!

    Just need to clarify a thing or two here.

  7. Hello. I just joined your blog design contest. Thank you for this opportunity. My post can be found at:

  8. Sent email with my entry but no reply so far so here is link to be sure. :)

  9. Here's my entry

    I'm glad I could be part of this wonderful group writing project.


  10. Please don't close the contest. My post is underway. Will be done in a couple of hours.

  11. Gautam


    I sent a mail to the above mentioned contest. Let me know if you didn't receive it.


  12. I'm polishing the post and will submit it in the next few hours :)

  13. Why don't my comments yesterday and today show when I login?
    here's my entry http://www.se7enize.com/nice/blog-design.html

  14. Gautam

    Mayank, you've never failed to surprise me with some of the nice things you do :) … Good luck with the contest. Are 'crude bloggers' like me allowed to take part :D