StudioWordpress Premiere Index pageWe are proud to present StudioWordpress Premiere! And we have all the reasons to be proud of it, even though the release was delayed by 3 days. The reason for delay was that we came across few bugs and issues and we wanted to ensure that we deliver a bug free, issue free theme and a refined product for our readers.

What makes it a premium theme ?

StudioWordpress Premiere can be managed completely through the options panel, you can specify feedburner address and feedburner id to activate email newsletters, You can change the look of the theme by changing the color scheme, you can specify the featured and popular posts and even apply or change the ads and all that is possible directly from the options panel of the theme.

There are 3 more variations of the theme -

Apart from color variations, StudioWordpress comes with 3 more variations! So, if you get bored with one kind of look, you can always choose another look and surprise your readers.

That’s not it, there are other features of the theme and you can check them out live at StudioWordpress Premiere’s home itself.

StudioWordpress Premiere is free for personal use, even though it’s a premium theme. However if you want to use it commercially (for web development purposes) then it is for a discounted price of ($199) $99 only!

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28 Responses so far | Have Your Say!

  1. Cool Theme Buddy
    The Best I hav Ever Saw.

  2. It’s nice, but I would like to have seen more ad functionality, the ability to add more ads in the admin panel, instead of just having two, and widgets in the footer would have been nice as well.

  3. Wow thank you for releasing this awesome WordPress theme..for free :D

  4. Insanely beautiful :)
    I love it :)

    I just changed my blog theme last month.
    I could’ve changed the theme to this one. :(

    As RB! pointed out, Widgets in the footer will be great :)
    Thatz nothing negative.

    The theme already is a winner :)

  5. Oh I see.
    there is a widgetized version of too.

    Thanks !!

  6. @ all : thanks a lot for the feedback and appreciation. We’ll definitely come up with updates and will sort out the raised issues :)

  7. @mayank Before you start with the updates, I think the ability to have rotating ads/banners is important, it would make for a very nice addition :)

    Also, when can we expect the updates and new premium themes

  8. How to download this? I thought it’s free for personal use.

  9. @RB! : Great suggestions :) I will keep things in mind. We will have the ability to include adsense through the options panel and various other useful stuff which you won’t find normally in the themes. We are already working on the next premium theme however, they will be paid, we are also working on free themes so stay tuned :)

  10. @ Hussein : The link to download the theme is present on it’s homepage i.e. :

  11. Ade

    Excellent! Nice colors.

  12. @mayank
    You are doing awesome works.Your designs are eye candy dude.
    I’m very impressed with all of your works.

  13. I can’t seem to download the theme — I get a database connection error. Can someone give me a pointer as to what I might be doing wrong? I am using Firefox on XP.

  14. @ honey : thanks a lot for the appreciation :)

    @ Josue : it was not your fault. We were moving our blogs from one server to another. We have finally done that and now you’ll be able to access the files without any problem.

  15. venkat

    The theme looks great :-) plan to use it, Looking forward to your themes in the future as well.Under the single license can we edit the theme according our needs and use it.

  16. I’m afraid this template just wasted my time as it does not work properly on firefox and google chrome. misiing white background on the post. Only works on IE. Sad. need to clean.

  17. I’m having a rendering issue in Mozilla. The Comments links runs over to the next line. This does not happen with IE or google chrome

  18. It's look geart, thanks for sharing!

  19. I really like this theme, we are using it on our site.

  20. Widcket

    Hi, in WP 2.7 it shows a thin vertical white stripe to the left in firefox, and to the right in IE 7. It only looks right in Safari.
    Thanks for sharing, anyway.

  21. Widcket

    Sorry, please delete this and the other comment I did before. It was a mistake of mine. I checked it on a web based screenshot service and it looks right, for some reason i'm having troubles, with the untouched css.
    Thank you

  22. zahir Khan

    plz let me know how to remove the buy drugs, at teh footer, looks odd!!!

    • @zahir – where did you download this file from? it shouldn’t have anything like buy drugs or anything close to that… on which site are you using this theme?

  23. John

    Link is broken/dead – and I cannot download the theme. :-(
    Can you verify & fix please? :-)

  24. Hi Mayank,

    I could not download the template. Could you please let me know from where to download the same and Can I use this template for our company’s blog :).


    • Hey Manish,

      thanks for showing your interest in the theme. However, I would say that this theme will not be the right choice for your company.
      The reason is that its difficult for us to provide support for this theme and it hasn’t been updated since long. I would rather suggest that you should
      opt for other up to date themes that are offering support too.