Automattic team has yet again proven that why they are such a brilliant and innovative company! This time around they’ve come up JetPack, an innovative idea for a plugin that presents their hosted add-on services of to millions of self-hosted WordPress ( installs across the web.

To put it up simply, its a plugin that bridges the gap between the features offered exclusively to users and self-hosted WordPress installs. Here’s what Scott Berkun himself said in his announcement post - has grown into one of the most amazing cloud architectures in the world. This has enabled blogs hosted here to have features unavailable on self-hosted WordPress installs. This makes us sad, since here at we want every WordPress install everywhere to be amazing.

Once you install JetPack on your self-hosted WordPress install, you’ll get these additional features on your own WordPress-

  • Gravatar Hovercards – A Gravatar is your profile on the web, and the Hovercard is one way your information is made visible to others. It’s an easy way to help people find your blog, or access your identity on other services like twitter, facebook, or linkedin
  • Stats – All blogs on get our Stats as a free feature. Every time a visitor views a URL on your blog, the visitor’s web browser loads a small smiley-face image from our stats system. The action is logged and the logs are summarized every few minutes to update the statistics, graphs, charts, and lists
  • Twitter Widget – Twitter widget allows you to display Twitter feed in your blog’s sidebar or where ever widgets are supported in the theme
  • Shortcodes – Shortcodes allow you to easily and safely embed media from other places in your site. With just one simple code, you can tell WordPress to embed YouTube, Flickr, and other media. Enter a shortcode directly into the Post/Page editor to embed media. For specific instructions follow the links below.Available shortcodes are: archives, audio, blip.tvdailymotion, digg, flickrgooglevideo, scribd, slide, slideshare, soundcloud, vimeo, youtube, and polldaddy
  • Shortlinks - You may already be using one of the popular URL shorteners, such as or TinyURL, to publish links on Twitter or other services. has its own URL shortening feature,, so that you can quickly and easily get shortened links to your blog posts and pages and share them to the world
  • Sharing – At the bottom of each post and page you can now include sharing buttons for your readers to share your content across a range of social networks/services.
  • Latex – supports Latex, a typesetting system that’s really good at formatting mathematical formulas and equation and finally ….
  • Proofreading – WordPress can check your spelling, grammar, and style using After the Deadline Proofreading technology.

At the time of the launch, above mentioned features are available and more features will be added in future. Well, these features are completely free although we can assume that it will also help Automattic to promote their freemium services like VideoPress, PollDaddy, Akismet and since it can be a single bridge between & millions of self hosted WordPress installs across the web, it has the power to become a very powerful & big platform only if Automattic decides to make anything like Facebook by combing all of its services listed on its homepage. Well, I would like to surely explain that in my next post Smile. For now, I would insist that you should install it as soon as possible as this is one hell of plugin!

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