WordPress  is considered to be God-send CMS for designers & programmers. It gives enough flexibility for designers to not worry about what all can be designed and can be run on WordPress. We’ve compiled the list of those resources that list some of the most beautiful designs made to run on WordPress.

These design galleries and blog posts are great for the designers and if you are planning to get your WordPress designed then you should check out these resources to

WordPress Design Inspiration Galleries

1. We Love WP

we love wp wordpress design

We love WP is probably the best and most up to date gallery. It’s fantastic to see some good work constantly featuring in this web gallery for WordPress designs. One of the best part is that they’ve categorized the designs nicely thus making it easy to navigate industry specific designs. Guess what! They’ve featured us on their website as well :)

2. WP Candy

wp candy wordpress design

WP Candy has a WordPress design gallery. It hasn’t been updated since some time however; it remains one of my favorite destinations for WordPress design inspiration. WPCandy not only features the awesome wordpress designs, it also has great tips in its blog.

3. CMS Designs

cms design wordpress

CMS Designs is an inspirational showcase and gallery website with collected and submitted well designed blogs and websites powered by popular Open Source content management systems like WordPress. CMS Design features some good examples. It is updated slowly but regularly. There are some designs that are treat to watch. http://wordpress.cmsdesigns.org/

4. WordPress Showcase

wordpress showcase wordpress design

What can be better than the official directory of designs that rock! Team Automattic selects some of the coolest websites/blogs running on WordPress. It’s a great inspiration resource for WordPress designs as well as programming.

5. WP Garden

wordpress garden cms design

It’s a nice little directory run by Sadish Bala, a WordPress fan. I was personally not impressed by WP Garden’s own design but it certainly features some really nice WordPress designs across various categories. http://wpgarden.com/

6. WP Float

wp float wordpress design

WP Float has a good collection of WordPress Designs that give inspiration. They’ve even kept their tag line as WordPress inspiration. They’ve got pretty long list of various categories and have got loads of sites in each of them. Overall it’s a fantastic resource to get design inspiration.

Blog Lists that feature great WordPress Designs

7. Hongkiat – 100 nice and beautiful blog designs

WordPress 100 WordPress design inspiration

Hongkiat has listed some of the best blog designs across the internet in a blog post. 100 blog designs in a row is definitely an art work, all of the designs are inspiring and mostly are on WordPress. Even if they are not, what can’t be made in WordPess?

We spent weeks going through hundreds and hundreds of blogs in the blogosphere, looking for blogs with nice and interesting design. We marked down those with great interface, graphically beautiful, unique personalities and styles. Here we bring you – 100 Nice and Beautiful Blog Design.

8. SixRevisions – 45 beautiful and creative WordPress Designs

45 creative and beautiful wordpress design

Jacob Gube from Six Revisions has done a fantastic job by listing some of the greatest designs made that are running on WordPress. It is truly an amazing resource for WordPress creative design inspiration. Well not just that he even lists 25 outstanding WordPress designs in another post and that is also a true gem.

WordPress provides designers utmost control over a theme – resulting in unprecented flexibility in the layout and design direction he or she can take. WordPress – in the title – is inside parentheses because the designs you’ll see below are wonderful designs despite of the publishing platform they use (which just so happens to be WordPress).

9. Instant Shift – 55 excellent WordPress site design for design inspiration

WordPress Design inspiration

Daniel Adams has listed some unique and beautiful looking WordPress site design. The collection in that list is fresh and inspirational. It’s a link that should be in stored in your bookmarks. I’m sure you’ll find it as one of the best source for inspiration at all the times.

Anders Ross has also created a similar list that features 70 brilliant WordPress design for inspiration. It’s another wonderful resource that you must check out.

In this designs showcase we trying to present you exemplary design trends, new practices, creative ideas and designer’s skills. There are so many different WordPress designs out there that it’s always hard to decide which one to select. We spent last few weeks to compile this list of highly beautiful, creative and most importantly inspirational site designs over web which might help you to get inspired with their work.

10. Blog Design Studio – 35 Best WordPress Design Websites

WordPress Blog design WordPress design

Our last post was a super hit where we’d listed 35 websites that are using WordPress, WordPress MU or BuddyPress for running fantastic designs and use WordPress as CMS instead of just a blog software.  We listed only those websites that had fantastic design and great programming.

Popularity of WordPress is clear in its own way, however it becomes crystal clear when we see small businesses, professionals or even big corporations are giving preference to WordPress over other CMSes. WordPress as a CMS has evolved and is used to build beautiful and professional websites.

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