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Why is a unique custom blog design important?

It is always genuine quality content that really keeps the readers coming back to the blog, but a unique blog design makes the blog to easily stand out amongst tons of others out there in the blogosphere and thus helps to make the first impression to a new visitor. And for a regular visitor, the blog’s appearance creates an image in the mind of the reader which plays a big role in branding.

Why should you hire us?

Any good designer can claim that they design with emphasis, contrast, balance, alignment, repetition, flow, etc, but a good blog design also understands what the reader wants and what you want your readers to do. Target clientele as in what’s their age, how much time they spend online, etc along with what’s the goal of the blog as in branding your services, making money through ads, making money through affiliate links, etc all play an important role as to deciding how the design and structure should be. We had web design experience and also were bloggers (personal and then making money through ads) and then got into wordpress blog designing in Dec ’07 – and along the way have had the chance to work along with top pro bloggers like Yaro Starak, Daniel Scocco, Kevin Muldoon, Kyle Eslick and many more which has taught us a lot and now we put all this experience behind designing your blog.

What do you get?

Brainstorming on all the ideas you have in regards to features you have seen on other blogs, plus feedback from us in regards to what all features will best suit the needs of the blog.

A unique custom made design that complements the goal of your blog, suits your unique content and provides ease of use to your readers.

Coding which is/has:

  • Table-less
  • Rollover and Dynamic Menu
  • Javascript Framework – jQuery (best option)
  • SEO Semantic, Complete Presentational Separation
  • Optimized for Load Speed
  • W3C Valid Shorthand and Optimized CSS
  • W3C Transitional XHTML 1.0
  • Cross Browser Compatible (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, IE7 & IE8)

Installation on the server (if you already have a blog, then creating a test location first and porting over all your content there and going through rigorous testing together before it goes live).

Clear Instructions including screenshots on how to easily manage your blog on wordpress.

3 months of free support on any issues in relation to the coding done by us and future paid support (discounted price for existing customers) for wordpress upgrade, addition/changes in features, etc.

How much does it cost?

The exact cost depends on the project requirements as in tabbed content in the sidebar, magazine style layout, featured content in javascript, embed videos/audio, etc – basically how much custom work we have to do on top of the default features available through wordpress admin and its plugins. We work transparently with all our clients and charges are based on the efforts we put, as in number of hours and not what kind of blog we are designing or who you are or where you are from.

To start with!

Whether you have an existing blog or you want to start a new one, use the form below to let us know anything you have in mind for the blog i.e. your ideas, your budget (if you have one) or anything else you want. If you aren’t sure about what you want on the blog, then don’t worry as we know what questions to ask. So just get in touch and we will take it on from there.

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